Monitor Your Fuel and Water Tanks

We are now stocking the new Agbot which will monitor water and fuel tanks. These come to us from Bushman Tanks and we have them in stock. They do work on the cellear network but the model we have works on satilite so it will work anywhere. Obviously there is a subscription but the first year’s subscription is included in the original price.  The runs off a battery and works to an app on your phone so if your tank runs low you will be notified – or notified how low your tank is. You can put them on troughs as well .The battery is said to last at least 7+ years. We are asured unit is cocky safe.

Bushman’s are running a special at the moment with any of their tank that is ordered with an Agbot they will discount the Agbot.


Come in and have a look at them – they will save you some time and worry – and don’t cost as much as you think!!

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