Rain Last Night

We had 17 mm of rain last night and yesterday in a fairly slow soaking fashion.

This is good for those that had lucerne or had cut their hay early and put it into silage as it may mean that they could get an extra cut of hay – or extend the grazing.

It doesn’t help those that are harvesting canola though as any rain at the moment is delaying the headers and those that have had to resort to direct heading are still facing green plants.

Keep an eye out for summer weeds as these rains on warm soils will continue to encourage them and also encourage flies in sheep.

Early fly protection products are running towards the end of their cycle, so we need to watch if there is any chemical breakdown (resistance) with the wet grass encouraging flies and body strike.

While on sheep.

We had an incident last week where relatively low worm egg counts of barbers pole worm – along with other stresses caused death of some ewes and lambs. Keep an eye out and drench as soon as you see.

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