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Monitor Your Fuel and Water Tanks

We are now stocking the new Agbot which will monitor water and fuel tanks. These come to us from Bushman Tanks and we have them in stock. They do work on the cellear network but the model we have works on satilite so it will work anywhere. Obviously there is a subscription but the first

Lighter Than Expected Rains

We didn’t get the rainfall that we expected but we did get 9 mm here in Seymour, Highlands got around 13mm, Mangalore 7mm, Nagambie 7mm. These are reports in. With cooler weather that we are now having we should be looking at getting our spraying done. Bathurst Burr is starting to flower so will seed quickly

Rain Predicted for the Weekend

I know that i might be optimistic but we have a forecast for 14 mm of rain either Sunday or Monday which is not enough to sow any pasture but it will be enough to freshen up any weeds to spray. Have a look at your pastures and see how the broadleaf weeds are –

Rain Last Night

We had 17 mm of rain last night and yesterday in a fairly slow soaking fashion. This is good for those that had lucerne or had cut their hay early and put it into silage as it may mean that they could get an extra cut of hay – or extend the grazing. It doesn’t

Flood Assistance Contact Points

This is some information that has come through from the Strathbogie Shire Council. It is a good outline of where help and support can be obtained.    Please find following a list of Current Government Support offered via State and Federal Government channels for those impacted by the flooding. You are welcome to share this information, but

Floods in Seymour

You may have heard that we had some major floods in Seymour last weed – we have been busy so I haven’t been able to do any posts. Thankfully with good preparation in the warehouses and sandbagging of the shop we only had minor damage. I have enclosed some photos of where the levels of

Season Has Gone Cold

We have finally gotten to a normal season with good rains but with the worse part is the colder weather. What we are noticing is that when it does dry and the sun comes out you can nearly hear the grass grow. Soil temperatures are not the best for sowing – seed will still come

Great New Website

As you can see we have now finally updated our website. This will be an ongoing process and we promise that we will continue to keep it up-to-date with details with what we are doing – and what is going on in the area. It has been a great start in the area with two good

Great Rains

What a great break we are having! It is the first decent rain that we have had this year – and timing couldn’t be better. Gauges have ranged from 41mm in Nagambie, 43 Avenel and 35 at our shop. This was this morning and it has rained all day. Start looking at your paddocks –

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