Growing Grass in the Cold

Now is the time to be looking at your pastures and trying to fill that feed gap.
One way to get better growth is to use a product like Ryzup. Ryzup is a replaces the growth hormone in grass because the grass can’t produce it as there isn’t enough sun.
It is naturally occurring so it can be used in organic systems. Trials have shown that it can give 30-60% additional growth. You do need to have a good nutritional
profile to get the higher level but it mixes with any liquid you put on – sprays, nutrients etc.
With the rains that we just have had it is an ideal time to control your weeds, fix that copper deficiency and put some Ryzup on. Rates vary from minimum 2.5 gms for Phalaris
and 20 gms. Costs are about $3.50 to about $13.50 per ha. What does hay cost? This picture is 10 days on annual ryegrass pasture.

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