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Seymour Expo Seminars

We will again be presenting at the Seymour Expo. Tomorrow we will be looking at How to identify weeds – what damage they can do as well as having some examples of local weeds. Bring yours in and see if we can identify them. The secession is on at 11.30 in the Show Society Seminar […]

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Growing Grass in The Cold

This has always been difficult as you need sun and chlorophyll to produce the hormone¬†that gets the grass to grow. When we have insufficient sun we cannot get it growing.¬† Fortunately we can provide the hormone to get the grass growing – it is organic and inexpensive and can be added to almost any other […]

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We now have an aerator available for hire. This aerator is from FarmTech and is made in Wodonga. it is a great way to improve pasture by getting more of the rain into the soil profile, getting better conditions for seed and also having more suitable conditions for seed germination. Seymour Ag Supplies are now […]

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