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Seymour Ag Supplies – Local-Rural-Independent. Three simple words that mean a lot to us. We have been in operation for nearly seven years and have developed a great local knowledge and system for improving production and passing on our knowledge.

Our Independence allows us to buy where we want and what we want. We do belong to a group called National Rural Independents (NRI). This allow us access to all major companies without tying us to anyone in particular. We look at each product and choose which one in our opinion is best for the situation -we are not be told by a head office what is best for them.

Our staff includes Jeanette, Emma and Rob. Check us out in the staff section.

You will see other faces around at times – such as Sam and Rob.  Sam drops in after school and on weekends while Rob fills in when we are short or have special projects going.

Our aim is to provide a superior level of service to our customers with all their farm needs. Rural

We offer technical advice and services for cropping, pastures, vineyard and horticultural management as well as livestock management.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff are available in store for advice, or alternatively, our on-farm assessment is available as part of our AgTech program (contact us for more details)

Our people



Owner operators Rob and Jeanette Richardson established Seymour Ag Supplies in 2012.

Rob enjoyed a long and successful career in the Agricultural Chemical Industry .He serviced Victoria in the areas of Cropping, Pasture and Animal Health and has maintained close contacts in retail and technical support within the professional farming community.

Rob holds a Diploma of Applied Science (Agriculture ) and a Bachelor of Business (Business).

Jeanette is responsible for the financial side of the business, managing both customer and supplier accounts. She ensures all areas of the business are running smoothly and provides customer service in store.

Emma Henne joined Seymour Ag Supplies in 2015. Emma studied at Latrobe University, Victoria, and completed a Bachelor of Science. Agriculture, receiving Honours in the area of her Agronomic studies. She was recently named as the Ag Ambassador for Seymour Ag and Show Society and will represent Seymour in the up-coming events.

Emma provides both technical and practical advice in store. As a qualified Agronomist she is also able to provide on farm assessment and soil testing as part of our AgTech program. She worked as an agronomist for a one of the bigger companies in the western district so she has great knowledge on pastures, fodder crops and cattle.

In her role as Store Manager she oversees the purchasing of stock and logistics involved in managing efficient delivery for our customers.

Both Emma and Jeanette enjoy the customer service side of the business, getting to know regular customers and looking after their needs in store.

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